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aku yenileme-bakımOur facilities supply services according to ISO standards and the capacity allows renewing and maintenance of 65 batteries at the same time. We renewed and maintained 14,000 batteries since our company was founded. Our facilities run with Waste Control System to prevent harming environment.

Advantages of battery renewing and maintenance

-Lifecycles of batteries are extended to two-fold.
- Capacities of old discharged batteries are renewed.
- Efficiencies of batteries in performance are significantly developed.
- Non-chargeable batteries can be charged.
- Charge cycle decreases and is shortened.
- Re-charging becomes faster.
- Running time increases between charges.
- It prevents early cell deterioration.
- The need for battery change during working shift decreases.
- Service life of electrical elements of forklifts increases and Damages are prevented.
- Water consumption decreases.

Differences between battery renewing and battery maintenance

Battery renewing
Basic principle in battery renewing process is to renew the sulfated plates through Macbat BRC 100 device by controlling voltage and heat. Batteries have another lifecycle after this process. Charging time of batteries is reduced and they achieve their original performance and life with warranty. Maintenance is completely conducted during this process.

Maintenance of batteries
Battery maintenance process is very important for capacity and continuity of batteries. Batteries keep their maximum capacity and efficiency due to regular maintenance. This maintenance process is divided into two groups as annual and periodic.

- Periodic maintenance helps to prevent failures and loss in work power because the battery is continuously checked and possible failures are detected early.

- Maintenance practice: Sulfate attached to plates of batteries is dissolved by controlling heat and voltage. This process keeps the capacity at 100% continuously. Thus, lifecycle of your battery is extended to two-fold. Because charging time gets shorter, you save from power and because it can be used for longer time, it prevents loss in work power.

Akü Bakım
akü bakım
kasa bakım
Before renewing and maintenance
Before renewing and maintenance
Before renewing and maintenance

Battery renewing and maintenance provides an opportunity to make savings in costs for companies.
MACBAT's practical and economic advantages vary between customers. MACBAT's economical advantages are essential for either multinational large companies or small family companies. All companies benefit from the following advantages:
- Lower capital costs,
- Improved efficiency,
- More flexible, efficient and productive battery management,
- Reduced energy costs

Your electrical equipment costs will decrease to a level that you have not achieved before. MACBAT ensures the longest life and the highest efficiency in using batteries. The MACBAT equipment may be leased for a short time or long time or purchased.

Battery renewing and maintenance provides significant environmental advantages.

You may reduce battery waste by extending your battery’s lifecycle significantly. Lead and acid discharge shall also be reduced. This positive environmental effect is a step taken toward certification of ISO 1400 environmental standard.


Environmental advantages

- Reduces lead discharge into environment
- Prevents penalties relating to environment/financial penalties
- Reduces cost in waste transportation
- Improves environmental image

Efficiency comparison
Sulfate attached to plates of batteries reduces their capacity. Your battery will achieve its full capacity when this sulfate is dissolved by Macbat device. Thus, efficiency reaches 100% and loss in work power is prevented.
Battery charging time
Sulfate attached to plates of batteries causes longer charging time and increases electricity consumption up to 1.5 or 2 folds. Dora Battery helps to prevent excess consumption. You also may minimize loss in work power.
verimlilik kıyaslaması akü şarjlama

A simplified explanation of battery renewing and maintenance process;
If the energy of a battery is discharged and recharged during normal working cycles, sulfate crystals are formed on electrodes in the course of time and prevent energy supply from the battery efficiently. In other words, these crystals “throttle” the battery.
Most of chargers make batteries worn-out during charging because rapid recharge is required. The process causing sulfate formation re-starts whenever a battery is discharged. This sulfate formation prevents energy inlet and outlet for the battery. When a battery with sulfate is charged, it warms up and causes increase in water loss. This causes hard and brittle lead-sulfate deposits. They easily fall inside through battery gap and cause cell deterioration, short circuits and potential mechanical damages. This problem is especially seen in forklifts due to frequency of charge cycles.

akü yenileme anlatım

MACBAT battery renewing device is a special revolutionary novelty, which was design to extend lifecycle of lead-acid, nickel-cadmium and gel batteries and to recover the lost capacity. Battery renewing process with MACBAT may be characterized as electrochemical sulfate conversion. MACBAT uses a computerized system providing quite strong peak current during a strictly controlled cycle in alternative frequency sequences. As a result, sulfate is dissolved within the battery and lead plates are converted into active materials releasing sulfate and making them energy-free. MACBAT runs with a charge cycle. Renewing/Charging cycles may alter depending on age and state of batteries. Battery is completely charged after renewing and becomes ready to use.

The tests showed that the method can reduce sulfate crystallization up to 95%. akü yenilemeIt was proved that MACBAT's capacity in recovering heavily sulfated old batteries, which were not in use anymore, until they become comparable with new ones. However, this method produces good results if it is used in first years in using it. Thus, cell deterioration, short circuits and mechanical damages can be prevented and your batteries are kept in first class for years.

Extending lifecycle of a battery
Do you know that extending lifecycle of your new batteries up to two-fold and at the same time, reducing maintenance costs of electrical equipment are possible?

Aku ömrü uzatılması
From now on, it is possible to extend lifecycle of your new batteries up to two-fold and maximize their capacity and efficiency continuously by using a programmed Macbat maintenance regen. We recommend a programmed maintenance regen for new batteries. This maintenance is completed generally in 24 hours and should be performed every year. If you follow this program, you may make charging more rapidly. Power consumption decreases. You need battery change less. Also stop/lost time decreases.

MACBAT process not only ensures that your batteries work for years at optimum capacity but also helps to reduce equipment maintenance cost. Especially weak cell and sulfate formation cause low voltage and high ampere. It was scientifically proved that this situation causes early failures in components of electrical equipments.

The battery renewing device make your old batteries survive...
MACBAT improvement renewing was designed for your heavily worn out batteries working very below their optimum levels or those, which became so worn out that cannot be used anymore due to heavy sulfate formation. Improvement renewing may be used in treatment of the batteries, which cannot be charged in normal ways. This is a result, which had not been achieved until now before through conventional chargers and even chargers with shock. An improvement renewing generally takes 48 hours. However, if the battery is in very bad status, the procakü yenilemeess may require more time. When the process is completed, the battery is in full charge and ready to use. Batteries older than four years intend to fail very easily. The most prevalent reason for it is sulfate formation leading cell deterioration and short circuit. In the past, the only way is to replace the battery or deteriorated cells. This was very expensive and not very useful because the rest cells in the battery were severely sulfated. Furthermore, its weak performance caused irregular resistance formation. Renewing reduces cell replacement while it can be used during mechanical failures in cells by replacing them. This process eliminates sulfate formation in the rest cells and regulates fluctuations in voltage. Thus, your batteries’ lifecycle is extended.



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